: The Walter Benjamin Trilogy

Not Our Darkness (2009, 25’) a film about the Gdansk Shipyards, explores the idea of Walter Benjamin’s ‘dialectical image’, and the spectres of history haunting the past in the present.

Moscow Diary (2010, 46’) is based on Walter Benjamin’s ‘Moscow Diary’. Filmed on a mobile phone, I took the role of a latterday flâneur, following the routes that Benjamin describes, going to the locations, filming what is still there, or what has replaced what was once there.

Made in Wolverhampton (2011, 74’) is the third film in the trilogy. Filmed from the perspective of the city flâneur it is a documentary essay that explores the melancholic identity of an English pot-industrial city in the digital age, the changing nature of space, memory and the image and looks at the city as a space of historical juxtaposition and cinematic montage.





“…Ultimately, Kossoff’s work is a kind of social and

technological experiment that his subject and muse

might have appreciated, and not the herald of a

soon-to-come era when film festivals are viewed on

individual devices in the comfort of one’s home,

which comes as a kind of uneasy relief.” 


                                   Philip Cartell, Film International